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Diagonal 31.05.2012 17:41 Themen: Medien
Since last week you can enjoy some articles that has been translated to english from this news paper all the info is available here:  http://diagonalperiodico.net/-English-.html
We launch DIAGONAL English page to facilitate communication of what is happening in Spain related to the governance of what is called “the debt crisis”. We understand that austerity politics are not a territorial exception, but a transnational and European issue that requires an effort to overcome language frontiers.

In this section we will publish information about the financial crisis in Spain and the rise of european and global movements in response. We will translate articles from DIAGONAL and from every other relevant source suitable for reproduction.

DIAGONAL is a grassroots communication project based in Madrid. We print a biweekly newspaper and run this website with daily updates. We only accept adds from social collectives (cooperatives, non-profit or kindred associations) and exist thanks to a large base of suscriptors that collaborate with us. If you would like to help with translations (Spanish to English), please contact english [at] diagonalperiodico.net.
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