American Neo-Nazi To Lecture In Germany

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The lecture will be a few days.

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Neo-Nazi Scientist to Lecture in Munich, Germany

"On the 16th and 17th of March 2012, Dr. James DeMeo, a right-wing American academic who often writes polemics against Moslems, will be in Munich, Germany, for a two-day program of presenting his work. In one part of this two-day program Dr. DeMeo will be presenting his replications of certain physics experiments in support of claims of a scientific nature. That is not an issue. He has every right to say whatever he wishes about scientific facts.

However, he will also be presenting a pseudoscientific rationale for ideological hatred of Moslems as a part of his allegedly "scientific" findings. This is a violation of the strict anti-Nazi laws in Germany. Under German law, it is illegal to defame a religion or attempt to create hostility toward a religion. This Dr. DeMeo does on an almost daily basis."

The above paragraphs introduced a recent article on IndyMedia that the right-winger Dr. DeMeo tried very hard to force the editors of IndyMedia to delete; another proof that censorship, a favourite method of fascists and neo-nazis, is the last resort of these authoritarian types when they have no arguments left. We are very grateful that the Germany IndyMedia Editorial Collective did not yield to the pressures and threats of this extremist.

But what is the truth? Is this professor really a neo-nazi?

It's easy to judge for oneself from the writings of this person, which we reproduce below in all of their glory.

Is it not nazism to try to "prove scientifically" that people of a certain race, religion or ethnicity are morally inferior? Is it not nazism to try to "prove scientifically" that certain people are barbaric, violent, schizophrenic child-abusers, due to "their national character"? Of course it is, and Dr. James DeMeo is one of the best examples of this neo-nazi ideology that has began to spread across America and Europe again.

As socially aware people committed to equality and freedom it's our duty to understand this racist propaganda disguised as "science" and to oppose it by every means possible. When we fail to do so, people die.

When you study the quotes of this neo-nazi "scientist" below you might think "but who would believe such nonsense?" And yet, millions of Americans and Europeans have been seduced along that path of thinking. This sick and racist authoritarian life-negating ideology is the reason why:
o- American officers and soldiers urinate on the bodies of dead Afghani people as an act of penultimate desecration and vengeful insult [1]
{please click on the photos below to enlarge them and see the materials},
o- pose with the nazi symbol of the SS (Schutzstaffel) in occupied Afghanistan [2],
o- and it is the reason why they burn Islamic sacred books triggering waves of protests around the globe in which people are shot and killed [3].

Please read what this "distinguished professor" teaches; it will explain all those horrible events. When the unofficial ideology of the global Empire is that "these people" - Arabs and Muslims - are by nature morally inferior, and when professors are out there teaching this dogma of hatred with a "scientific basis" is it any wonder that American and European mercenaries and neo-nazi sympathizers engage in these unspeakable atrocities?

Here are some samples of Dr. James DeMeo's "scientific theories" - these are his own published words:
"...we do not want to see that kind of thing, as well as Islamic slave-polygamy, pedophile rape-marriages of old men to young girls, the slave-veil and other psychopathological expressions of Islam, taking root within our nations! See my book "Saharasia" for specific details on those issues, of what Islamic peoples believe and do in their original homelands. Any number of books - as by Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'or, Brigitte Gabriel, Wafa Sultan, or Nonie Darwish - will give plenty of documenting details on how Islamic peoples are today bringing all of that into the Western democracies, in waves of new immigrants who typically hold our laws and culture in extreme contempt.

The various social reforms gained in the Western democracies over the last several hundred years, including the important separation of Church and State, and the defeat of both theocratic and secular dictators and Kings, with the rise of democracy and freedoms of all sorts, were hard-won by prior generations and should not be frittered away merely to appease any new group of immigrants still clinging to their old emotionally-plagued and violent ideologies."

Commenting on the work of another author, DeMeo finds a way to denigrate Islam:
"The author... emphasizes Assyrian accomplishment over Roman, Greek and ancient Egyptian, but is essentially correct. If those other non-Islamic cultures are included into one's analysis, damn little remains by which Islam could define itself, save for the 'scholarship' of invasion, conquest, enslavement, looting, slavery and rape."

And here he has "diagnosed" an entire population of millions of people connected to the Sahara and Asia. His hatred for anything Islamic or Leftist is violently stamped onto the paragraph:
"Saharasian Schizophrenia... the article below discusses this problem with respect only to "Arabs", as a part of their national or social character structure, but by my observations, it is typically Saharasian, and not restricted only to Arabs. And many Arabs have escaped such an emotional trap. The more fundamental common denominator is the ideological foundations of Islam, with its intensive culture-wide sex-repression, child-abuse and repression of women, minorities, reformers, etc., which is found more widely across Saharasia, beyond merely Arab society, and against which non-Muslim cultures of Saharasia (ie, Chrisitans, Zoroastrians, Bahais, Shepardic Jews) suffer from in much lesser percentages. In other parts of Saharasia, political fascisms of left-wing and right-wing variants add to the mix, or can even replace Islam entirely as the central point around which cultural schizophrenia develops. This is seen primarily in the Red Fasicst nations of communist China, and North Korea, where the cult of Mao Tse Dung, or Kim Jung Il, took the place of the Prophet Muhammed or even Allah in the cultural constellation."

Is the hatred and systematic cultivation of fear of Islam a form of racism and fascism? Of course! Progressive and radical people in Germany have already recognized, organized and mobilized against Islamophobia as a dangerous form of racism - we need to do more of this in opposing the "science" of Dr. DeMeo:
"The self-appointed "crusaders for a Western Christian Civilization" of the racist party "Pro Deutschland" (Pro Germany) intend to stage an "Anti-Islamist Congress" on 27 and 28 August 2011, in Berlin. Civil society protests have already prevented a similar racist congress from being held twice before in Cologne."

Islamophobia, just like homophobia and "anti-red hysteria" is a systematic, purposeful and institutionalized form of hatred. It specifically targets Arab and Moslem people with all forms of prejudice and violence:
"Islamophobia is prejudice against Islam or Muslims. The term seems to date back to the 1980s but came into common usage after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. In 1997, the British Runnymede Trust defined Islamophobia as the "dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, to the fear and dislike of all Muslims," stating that it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social, and public life of the nation. It includes the perception that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion. Professor Anne Sophie Roald writes that steps were taken toward official acceptance of the term in January 2001 at the "Stockholm International Forum on Combating Intolerance", where Islamophobia was recognized as a form of intolerance alongside Xenophobia and Antisemitism."

If you wish, you can search all of professor DeMeo's online journal (blog) for the word Islam and see what other gems you can find - even the titles of the articles tell the truth directly:
Search on Google

Perhaps the most manipulative and shameful part of Dr. DeMeo's neo-nazi propaganda method is that he pretends to use the word "fascist" and the name of Hitler to mean "something bad", in order to camouflage and conceal the origin of his racial theories while he himself is a living example of the nazi ideology of racialism, having made himself a sophisticated vehicle for a pseudo-scientific justification for the worst atrocities of our century.

A further point illustrating shameful and deceitful practices by Dr. DeMeo is his exploitation and misuse of the work of Wilhelm Reich MD., a natural scientist and medical doctor, ex-communist and close colleague of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who created a new field of science known as Orgonomy with branches extending into biology, medicine, psychology, meteorology, natural science, physics and political science, achieving something similar to what Frederick Engels [4] had achieved in the previous century: a unification of the thought processes required to understand nature and which underlie the essence of science [5].

Wilhelm Reich's books were banned and burned by Court order in the US in the nineteen fifties, and he himself died in prison. Dr. DeMeo makes a clever usage of distorted versions of the work of Dr. Reich to "justify" his racist neo-nazi theories, taking on airs of the martyr and presenting his works as "suppressed science" in order to make them attractive to freedom-loving people or susceptible anti-authoritarian seekers.

Through his works and his stance DeMeo shames the field of Orgonomy, and smears the good name of the field that is founded on the premises of love and egalitarian work-democracy and has committed roots in the struggle for personal and social emancipation.

But is he really a scientist?

DeMeo's malignant versions of atmospheric Orgonomy and his arrogant megalomania have led him to repeatedly large scale experimental interventions in the atmosphere that have triggered massively destructive storms causing the deaths of people and animals, and millions in physical damages to structures and infrastructure - these were documented by the media... and even by himself! Here in his own report, he admits those deaths in a totally light and dismissive manner as if he is discussing the accidental crushing of a few ants:
"A few deaths also occurred..."

Obviously, Dr. DeMeo has totally misunderstood and distorted the humanitarian and compassionate element Wilhelm Reich's work that he quotes so well; Orgonomy has never been about subjugating millions of people into experiments without their consent (just like the nazis did in the camps), nor about "controlling" nature with machinery, as Dr. DeMeo seeks to achieve.

Orgonomy seeks to restore self-regulation in natural systems, natural entities and living organisms. Responsible practitioners of Orgonomy are active in the efforts to regulate Orgonomy just as acupuncture and river engineering are regulated both by science and by the rule of law so that its methods shall not be available to every authoritarian egomaniac to go out and play god with our lives. Dr. DeMeo is the literal embodiment of the crazy nazi scientist with an agenda to neutralize the people he dislikes (Arabs and Muslims), "purify" western civilization from them, and impose his personal stamp on the globe with his misguided experiments in atmospheric intervention.

He must be opposed.

Petros Evdokas,
founding member, Cyprus IndyMedia Collective, and
a friend of Orgonomy


[1]. US Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Moslem Afghanis:
Pamela Geller “Loves” Soldiers Who Urinate on Dead Corpses

[2]. US Marines fly the nazi SS flag:
Mother Jones /Exclusive:
Marines' Nazi-Flag Whistleblower Comes Forward

[3]. "Koran Burning: Dehumanizing Muslims"
by Stephen Lendman

[4]. "Engels and Science", by J. D. Bernal, M.A., Assistant Director of Research in Crystallography in the University of Cambridge:
"Dialectics of Nature", by Frederick Engels:

[5]. "An Illustrated Introduction to W. Reich's Orgonomy and Holistic Psychotherapy"

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anonymous 13.04.2012 - 02:33
The clown who wrote this... Petros Evdokas.. is a STRATFOR subscriber, which seems to be the same thing as a "contributor". You can find one of his emails in the STRATFOR docs drop at dazzlepod

ID Email / Username Password
408068 ***

STRATFOR took over work for the CIA in 2004:

FW: CIA head of analysis fired

Date 2004-12-29 16:54:06

I wanted to forward these comments from George to the entire team so that
everyone at Stratfor is aware of the incredible opportunity/challenge we are
faced with.


Recently Evdokas was caught allowing a holocaust denier he knows personally, Tim Titrud, to post on a list Evdokas moderates. When confronted on cyprus indymedia, Evdokas vandalized the article with conspiracy bs and DISABLED OPEN PUBLISHING

Now he's trying to con a US free speech institute into funding him

Let the anarchist beware.... Evdokas lets holocaust deniers publish on this conspiracy listserve so he's ok with nazis