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Interview with Martin Glück of the alliance Nazifrei Dresden stellt sich quer (Nazi free Dresden pits against). Martin explains the current Situation in Dresden and the planning of the alliance for the 13th and 18th of February.

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Interview with Martin Glück of Nazifrei Dresden stellt sich quer.

Recently a lot of information is circulating concerning the march of Nazis in Dresden. Many people are confused due to ambiguity in the mobilization. Could you tell us what’s it all about?

Martin: The successful blockades in the last two years are showing effect. 2010 still 7000 Nazis came to Dresden, in the last year only half of them were setting out to be blocked by us. This year there is a recognizable frustration and weakness of mobilization amongst the Nazis for the 18th of February. The local players of JLO, NPD and free comradeships are running no recognizable mobilization for Saturday. Apparently the fear of another defeat is too big and internal conflicts about an amateurish organization of the marches by the JLO are leading to an additional weakening.

Not bad, so it has not to be expected that the Nazis will make their march on the 18th of February?

Martin: Well, throughout Germany the Nazis kept the 18th of February free in their calendar of demonstration and many action-oriented Nazis are desperate to come to Dresden. They only have no organizer still. Therefore it is possible that in the next weeks there will be some developments. So for us it is clear that we will continue with the mobilization to the blockades in Dresden to prevent the Nazis from an attempt of marching. That’s why we want the busses in town early enough and we will keep ready the structures for organization of blockades. We already have weakened the former biggest Nazi march in Europe seriously and now in February 2012 we wrap things up and make the march history.

And what happens if the Nazis are not coming to Dresden after all?

Martin: For this case we have announced a nationwide antifascist demonstration at 12 o’clock at Dresden main station where the Nazis were stopped by us in the last years. In this case we will have a demonstration through Dresden. Actually in our call we are turning massively against the “Saxon Democracy” and the outrageous criminalization of blockers and antifascists by Saxon police and authorities. It is long clear to us that “Dresden” has become an important terrain for sociopolitical conflicts. On our side people being unwilling to accept terror of Nazis and Nazi marches any longer and for whom some few words are not enough. On the other side an unleashed authoritarian state still pretending as if Zwickau is no part of Saxony and wanting to restore his damaged authority with might and main and to that overrunning responsible citizens with lawsuits. So there are many reasons to come to Dresden on the 18th of February and we are calling on our nationwide and international friends to that.

But after two years and thousands of kilometers by bus you cannot deny a certain fatigue with some people, do you?

Martin: Sure, first of all at our house but it would be fatal if we let us dupe by the Nazis on the very last meters. Put the Nazi march over the edge, solidarity with all persons affected by house searches, lawsuits and monetary penalties, put the Saxon authorities in their place and celebrating the end of the former biggest Nazi march in Europe surely these are enough reasons to enter the busses again!

How is the situation on the 13th of February? What is planned by the Nazis and what does the alliance?

Martin: Amongst the Nazis the Monday comes more and more into focus. NPD and JLO next to some former free comradeships are mobilizing to a march with torches. In the last year on Sunday the 13th of February there were 1500 Nazis on the streets. This year it could become a similar number even though the march will take place on a Monday because perhaps nothing else remains for the Nazis. Dresden Nazifrei calls to encounter the march decidedly. There will be more information to that on our website short before the 13th of February. We call locally and regionally to spoil the day for the Nazis together with us. Another reason to come to Dresden is the “Täterspuren” (“tracks of perpetrators”) walk of admonishing. Forbidden under flimsy reasons last year it was possible to register the walk of admonishing this year without problems due to political pressure. We will meet at Comeniusplatz at 13 o’clock and we will take the exact route forbidden last year which will lead past the former residence of NS-gauleiter Mutschmann to the places of national socialist crimes and perpetrators and so a counterpoint will be set to the view where the bombardment of Dresden is taken into the focus of any policy of commemoration.
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extrem_ist_in Block bei der Demo am 18.02.

extrem_ist_in 25.01.2012 - 18:38
Ein Bündnis antisächsischer Extrem_ist_innen ruft zu einem eigenen Block gegen das sächsische Demokratieverständnis und die Kriminalisierung von Antifaschismus auf der Demo am 18.02. in Dresden auf:

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