You’re needed in Wendland NOW!

Nieders. Gruppe, translated by Diet Simon 08.11.2010 15:22 Themen: Atom
MON 1.06 pm You’re needed in Wendland NOW!
After the successful and continuing protests against the CASTOR consignment this year, everyone is called upon to come to the Wendland to support the protest.
After the CASTORS were now blockaded, stopped and hindered, they’ve now reached Dannenberg. The CASTORS are being prepared for road trucking which is expected to happen this evening because the police want to avoid sending in their hundreds for a further night. And that’s the cue: it was obvious that the police were short of manpower. Clearing the last blockade near Harlingen took hours. In response to that recognition more than a thousand additional police had to be ordered in to relieve exhausted units.
This is the reason for our call-out. Many demonstrators are also tired and have spent long times in the cold. Many have left again and a few are coming in. But what about if now the street protest were supported by more people? Tight, the police would have a huge problem!
You have enough time to get to Wendland at the right time. Share cars, talk friends into coming along or just grab grandma’s car and race off!
See you this evening on the street - or maybe even earlier!
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