Castor Diary

castorticker, translated by Diet Simon 07.11.2010 15:38 Themen: Atom Repression Ökologie
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SUN 3:21 Klein Bünstorf
The train has reached Klein Bünstorf.

SUN 3:17 pm Emmendorf
Train has arrived in Emmendorf.

SUN 3:13 pm Uelzen
The train ran through Uelzen station at 3:13 pm.

SUN 3:07 pm Klein Süstedt
Train passes Klein Süstedt.

SUN 3:04 pm Suderburg
Train is in Suderburg.

SUN 2:50 pm Unterlüss
The train has passed through Unterlüss; not yet in Suderburg.

SUN 2:39 pm Suderburg
Train south of Suderburg, 2:44 pm

SUN 2:34 pm Lüneburg
50 people on the Friedrich-Ebert bridge.

SUN 2.28 pm Breakthru at several points after lunch break
Breakthrough at 3 points ... cops are exhausted it seems ... militants came back to track after lunch break and have managed to get the rocks off from under the train tracks at 3 places ... one woman got heavily injured by a horse ... one police tank got set on fire by militants ... more people chained to track still 150 km before the final destination, thus blocking the train, which is more than 10 hours late now (Post at
SUN 2:04 pm Posade
2,000 people active on more than 1,200 metres of track between forestry house Posade and Harlingen.

SUN 1:55 pm Dalle
Second person removed out of the rails. One person still in the track bed.

SUN 1:47 pm Lüneburg
Stroll on the rails on Friedrich-Ebert bridge.

SUN 1:51 pm Gorleben
X1000: 1,200 people on the road at the storage hall.

SUN 1:52 pm Dalle
First person removed out of the rails in Dalle.

SUN 1:35 pm Wendland
Currently three tractor blockades: 15 tractors in Göhrde (Route B216), 15 tractors at the Tangsehl turnoff and 15 tractors at Streetzer Kreisel.

SUN 1:19 pm Dalle
Removal of people from rails begins at the blockade in Dalle.

SUN 1:06 pm Posade
Along 1,300m of track sit people packed tight. Good mood.

SUN 12:54 pm Lohe near Dalle
The train is stopped 200 metres from the blockade.

SUN 12:32 pm Harlingen
About 1,300 people at 188 km west of Harlingen on the track – good mood, few police.

SUN 12:30 pm Wendisch Evern
250 - 300 people on the move in the area, good mood, food and drink available.

SUN 12:28 pm Dalle
The blockade with the three chained-in people is still there. No police in sight, visitors welcome.

SUN 12:23 pm Dannenberg
Hundreds of warm beds are waiting for you in Dannenberg and east of there; contact beds bourse 05861/800 76 22.

SUN 11:59 am CELLE
The train passed CELLE at 12:14 pm.

SUN 11:53 am Otze
The CASTOR train is still stopped near OTZE before CELLE. Train operations have been stopped between Uelzen and Celle.

SUN 11:30 am Dalle BREAKING NEWS!
Three people chained to the rails between Eschede and Unterlüss near Dalle.

SUN 11:51 am West of Harlingen
100 people on rails surrounded by police.

SUN 11:37 am Harlingen Posade
About 500 people sitting tightly packed on the rails, mood is good. Mounted police holding back.

SUN 11:22 am Otze
Train stopped since 15 min. in OTZE before CELLE.

SUN 11:17 am Dannenberg reloading crane
Bicycle demo started from seated demo at the reloading crane.

SUN 11:12 am Forsthaus Posade
Registered vigil west of Forsthaus Posade. Rally allowed to take place, visitors warmly welcomed.

SUN 11:06 am Leitstade
About 50 people at the Nord Leitstade vigil. So far easy to get top the railway track but water cannons and heavy equipment moving in.

SUN 11:11 am Burgdorf
Train through Burgdorf.

SUN 10:59 am Oldendofer Brücke
Four tractors and 50 people on the Oldendorf bridge.

SUN 10:50 am Leitstade
About 400 people about 1 km in direction of Lüneburg from Leitstade station on the Elbe side.

SUN 10:48 am B216
Rowo activists with banners in trees, who have installed a walkway; police blocking without a reason.

SUN 10:49 am Lehrte
The train has departed Lehrte.

SUN 10:29 am Haringen
Rail squatters in Harlingen with several hundred people got through on foot through an underpass.

SUN 10:28 am Wendisch Evern
2nd vigil in a paddock with view of the railway track.

SUN 10:26 am Wendisch Evern
Vigil at Wendisch Evern bridge.

SUN 10:09 am B216
Robin Wood activists doing a road blockade with 15 people between Süschendorf and Oldendorf.

SUN 9:59 am Hitzacker
About 800 people of the rail squatting group Widersetzen are en route from Camp Hitzacker towards rails.

SUN 9:57 am Landkreis Uelzen
Several hundred people are on the move along the CASTOR route in Uelzen County, very few police present.

SUN 9:37 am Harlingen
Vigil north of the track in Harlingen.

SUN 9:32 am Leitstade - Grünhagen
Between Leitstade and Grünhagen far more than 1,000 people are on the rails. Police are using water cannons, truncheons and irritant gas.

SUN 9:35 am Bunte Hütte Tollendorf
Vigil northwest of Tollendorf by the BUNTE HÜTTE

SUN 9:32 am Forsthaus (forestry house) Posade
Vigil near Forsthaus Posade, 50 m north of the track.

SUN 9:26 am Leitstade North & South
Several licensed vigils have started along the railway line: LEITSTADE NORD,LEITSTADE SÜD, WANDERHÜTTE between LEITSTADE & GRÜNHAGEN,in GRÜNHAGEN

SUN 9:20 am Rail KM 193
People are near the rails, police there in tight lines, anyone trying to reach the rails risks pepper spray.

SUN 9:18 am Lehrte
Contrary to radio info, the train has not yet left Lehrte, but is having a pause there.

SUN 9:18 am Govelin
It’s currently possible to get through the forest well with cars.

SUN 9:01 am Lüneburg
The info point in Lüneburg has been set up on the Schaaf crossing, in view of the track.

SUN 8:50 am Harlingen
Refreshment station in Harlinger Strasse, corner of Auwischhof, has opened. Food, drink and warmth on offer.

SUN 8:49 am Lehrte
Train runs into Lehrte.

SUN 8:35 am Laatzen
Train passes Laatzen.

SUN 8:24 am Nordstemmen
The train is through Nordstemmen, heading for Hanover.

SUN 8:00 am Splietau
The tractors are not allowed to be driven away, unbfortunately the cold weather is preventing the police arriving.

SUN 8:15 am Metzingen/Köhlingen
Masses of demonstrators, the first, make it to the railway line.

SUN 8:05 am Alfeld
Train passes Alfeld.

SUN 7:51 am Uelzen and Celle
In Uelzen and Celle several hundred people set out to inspect the railway track.

SUN 7:50 am Wendland
Masses of people heading for the actions planned along the rails. Estimate at 8 am c. 5,000.

SUN 7:43 am Hitzacker
Rail squatters are warming up in Hitzacker before heading with nearly 1,000 people to the rails.

SUN 7:35 am Göttingen
The train has run through Göttingen station.

SUN 7:16 am Metzingen
More than 1,000 people from Camp Metzingen are heading to the railway track.

SUN 7:13 am Eichenberg
En route to Göttingen the train has passed Neu-Eichenberg near Witzenhausen.

SUN 7:13 am Splietau
The tractors on the CASTOR trucking route in are to be removed today. First efforts observable since 7 am.

SUN 7:05 am Köhlingen
More than 1,000 people from Camp Köhlingen have set out towards the railway track.

SUN 7:03 am Hannoversch Münden
Train through at 6:58 am, travelling fast.

SUN 6:58 am Quickborn
Quickborn will tomorrow provide a tea kitchen in the Dorfstrasse as a meeting point.

SUN 6:48 am Kassel
The train is through Kassel, heading for Göttingen.

SUN 6:32 am Neestahl
Arrests on the grounds that objects were in possession that could be used to damage railway tracks.

SUN 6:05 am Malsfeld
The train has passed Malsfeld and is running at normal speed again.

SUN 5:53 am Beiseförth
The train is now in Beiseförth near Malsfeld.

SUN 5:55 am Metzingen/Köhlingen
Massive ID checks on the way to the railway track!

SUN 5:41 am Altmorschen
The train is stopped again, about 100 metres beyond the bridge.

SUN 5:35 am Altmorschen
A police climbing unit is now present to remove the protest climbers from the Fulda Valley Bridge.

SUN 5:26 am Altmorschen
After a two-hour five-minute blockade the police have driven under the climbers completely.

SUN 5:20 Altmorschen BREAKING NEWS!
The train moves at walking speed under the abseilers.

SUN 5:17 am Altmorschen
The train has driven up to a distance of 20 metres from the abseilers and has not passed them yet.

SUN 5:07 am Altmorschen
The blockaders on the ground were removed, the two climbers are still hanging about 70 metres above the track. The power line has been switched off, the CASTOR train can’t run.

SUN 4:45 am Altmorschen
The squirral is still hanging, the blockaders on the ground are having their ID’s taken down.

SUN 4:03 am Altmorschen
A media release on the action states that 50 people and one squirrel are taking part in the blockade and the abseiling.

SUN 4:00 am Göttingen BREAKING NEWS!
200 people took part this night in a spontaneous anti-CASTOR demonstration in Göttingen.

SUN 3:45 am Altmorschen
In the blockade are banners on the Fulda Valley Bridge and bright blue neon lights.

SUN 3:40 am Metzingen
Police seem to have woken up, noticed moving up the railway track.

SUN 3:21 Altmorschen BREAKING NEWS!
Protesters have stopped the train! Since 3:21 am there’s been an abseil action and a rail squat near Altmorschen. Police present.

SUN 3:05 am Bebra
The train continues its run from Bebra towards Kassel.

SUN 1:00 am Hünfeld
The train has finished its logistics stop and is moving towards Bad Hersfeld.

SUN 00:22 am Hünfeld
The train is in Hünfeld, stopped for logistics.

SUN 00:10 am Fulda
The train was seen around 00:10 am in Fulda.

SA 11:45 pm Schlüchtern
The train passed Fulda at 11:45 pm.

SA 11:20 pm Gelnhausen
The train passed Gelnhausen at 11:20 pm.

SA 11:08 pm Hanau BREAKING NEWS!
The CASTOR train is running from Hanau towards Fulda.

SA 11:08 pm According to Greeenpeace, an axle of the CASTOR train is overheated, between wagons 6 and 7.

SA 11:00 pm Wendlandbahn
The rallies of the BI organisers at the Wendlandbahn are registered and licensed, protesters should not allow themselves to be turned away.

SA 10:53 pm Wendlandbahn
As soon as the train has passed Lehrte, rallies organised by the BI will begin in Leitstade (north and south), Grünhagen, Posade, Försterkamp and Bunte Hütte.

SA 10:40 pm Mainaschaff BREAKING NEWS!
The train is in Mainaschaff and turning north towards Hanau.

50,000 protesters
The Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg (BI) reports 50,000 protesters in the county.

SA Dannenberg - Policeman suicides
The Gorleben resistance organisation, Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg (BI), expresses shock at the news that a federal policeman assigned to the CASTOR consignment has taken his own life. “He is said to have shot himself with his service pistol in his accommodation,” BI spokesman Wolfgang Ehmke said in a media release. “We are shocked and express our condolences to the family. We can only hope that this suicide is not connected in any way with this assignment.”
(Wolfgang Ehmke 0170 510 56 06)
SA 10:08 pm Mainaschaff
Correction: The train is not yet in Mainaschaff, but en route to there.

SA 9:48 pm Laase Musenpalast
All arriving and departing cars, although the people have tickets to the gig in the Musenpalast, are subjected to traffic controls. Protest is lodged against that.

SA 9:43 pm Mainaschaff
The train is in Mainaschaff.

SA 9:42 pm Langendorf
About 70 people came to a concert with DIREKT in the Langendorf church.

SA 9:40 pm Darmstadt Kranichstein
The train is running again.

SA 9:37 pm Hitzacker
Rail squatting training brought forward to 6:30.

SA 9:33 pm Darmstadt BREAKING NEWS!
The train is stopped in Darmstadt. A vigil by protesters there is surrounded by police.

SA 9:19 pm Splietau
The tractors have permission to sty until 8 am tomorrow.

SA 9:17 pm Darmstadt
In Darmstadt there were at least 4 people on the rails who were carried away. The train was held up.

SA 9:00 pm Gross Gerau
The train passed Gross Gerau at 8:57 pm.

SA 8:50 pm Biblis
The train reached Biblis at 8.40 pm.

SA 8:28 pm Mannheim
The train reached Mannheim-Käfertal at 8:27 pm.

SA 7:02 pm Metzingen
More than 1,000 people in Metzingen.

SA 8.37 pm Dannenberg
Pictures after the main rally.

SA 8:09 pm Dannenberg
The train has the following configuration: Two red diesel locomotives, six passenger carriages, 11 Castor low-loaders, six passenger carriages, two red diesel locomotives.

SA 8:02 pm Biblis
The train is en route to Biblis and Mannheim.

SA 7:28 pm Karlsruhe
The Castor train passes Karlsruhe.

SA 7:08 pm Baden-Baden
Escorted by helicopters, the train has left Baden-Baden.

SA 7:02 pm Metzingen
More than 1,000 people in Metzingen.

SA 6:15 pm Splietau
Huge blockade party in Splietau. Great mood, fun!!!!

SA 6:13 pm Darmstadt
A crowd of 200- 400 people at Darmstadt-Kranichstein station is growing all the time.

SA 6:03 pm Kehl
The train is moving again.

SA 5:43 Karlsruhe
Several hundred people blockading the road crossing Ettlinger Strasse/Ettlinger Allee.

SA 5:04 pm Dannenberg/Splietau
Pictures of the main rally (photographer reports 50,000 demonstrators).

SA 4:57 Splietau
150 tractors blockading the southern route in Splietau.

SA 4:53 Splietau
All of Splietau is just one tractor blockade which looks like staying that way for a while.

SA Gedelitz Camp
At 8 p.m. there will be an information rally by X-1000mal-quer in CAMP GEDELITZ.

SA 4:30 pm Kehl
The train is now stopped 400 metres from the Kinzig Bridge, which it must pass, while three Greenpeace activists are hanging under the bridge.

SA 3:47 pm Kehl
Two Greenpeace climbers are hanging on the Kinzig bridge of Kehl. The train must pass this place.

SA 3:09 pm Splietau
Police move against moles digging roads in the rally area. (Pictures)

SA 2:49 pm Strasbourg
This is the first time a Castor train is running through so large and densely populated city.

SA 2:43 pm Dannenberg/Splietau
Large numbers of people are still streaming from all directions to the rally.

SA 2:13 pm Kehl
The train is stopped in Kehl station and is taking on board German personnel, locomotives are exchanged, etc.

SA 2:04 pm Kehl
The train has crossed into Germany at Kehl.

SA 1:59 pm Dannenberg
The town is full of people who still want to get to the rally.

SA 1:46 pm Strasbourg
The train has just turned around and is now heading in the direction of Kehl.

SA 1:39 pm Hausbergen
The train is running south, route unknown, definitely not towards Kehl nor Lauterbourg.

SA 12:56 pm Hoenheim
The Castor train is still stopped in Hoenheim/Hausbergen station. Not yet clear whether it will continue via Berg or Kehl.

SA 12:32 pm Langendorf, church
The band DIREKT will perform at 8 p.m. in the Langendorf church.

SA 12:20 pm Hausbergen
Train has arrived in Hausbergen. Scheduled stop of about 50 minutes to take on board German Federal Police, German locomotive driver.

SA 12:09 pm Strasbourg
The train is running again from Strasbourg towards Lauterbourg. A blockade in Lauterbourg has alrteady been dispersed.

SA 12:01 pm Berg
Almost all demonstrators in Berg, at least 1,000 people, are squatting on the rails.

SA 12:00 noon Lauterbourg/Berg
Two chained-on Greenpeace activists have been unchained from the track, two others are still chained on.

SA 11:51 am Lauterbourg/ Berg
Already 500 people on the rails at Berg.

SA 11:42 am Lauterbourg/ Berg
Castor train nearing the German-French border, expected to cross it at 12:30 pm. Already more than 100 people on the rails at Berg.

SA 11:37 am Gusborn
The tractors are now running between Gusborn and Splietau.

SA 11:30 am Witzenhausen
50 people at an anti-CASTOR rally in Witzenhausen, northern Hesse, on the marketplace.

SA 11:22 am Grippel
The road from Grippel to the rally is reserved for tractors. Cars have to take other routes to the rally, police are directing.

SA 11:16 am Berg
Estimated 2,500 people at the rally in Berg. Massive police checks.

SA 11:05 am Berg
More than 1,000 people at the rally in Berg waiting for the Castor train.

SA 10:54 am Jameln
In the surroundings of der Jameln in the direction of the rally only walking pace is possible because of traffic density.

SA 7:29 am Bar-le-Duc
The train passed Bar-le-Duc at 7:29 am, continuing on towards Longuyon.

SA 4:48 am Reims
Castor train seen around 4:48 am in Reims.

The Castor train is running from Amiens via Reims to Longuyon. The new route is shown at

SA 2:05 am Longueau
The Castor train has left the freight yards of Longueau near Amiens and is continuing not on the expected route, but towards Reims. (Follow the run on an updating map.)

SA 00:20 am Dannenberg
After the rally, at about 5 pm, Landessuperintendent H. Jantzen (senior churchman), the writer A.Maier will speak on the theme "They won’t get through with Gorleben ".

SA 00:16 am Dannenberg
124 people from Stuttgart are travelling in three buses to Wendland to take part in the rally in Dannenberg/Splietau.

SA 00:10 am Amiens
Castor train passed Amiens at 00:10 am.

FRI 11.50 pm Hitzacker in Hitzacker

FRI 11:26 pm Dannenberg
Radio Freies Wendland broadcast from midnight to 2 a.m. on the Internet. First broadcast on 89.7MHz tomorrow with traffic reports. Tailbacks likely!

FRI 11:24 pm Breese i.d.M.
About 500 people in Breese i.d.M. at Meiselgeier concert!

FRI 11:10 pm Quickborn
In breach of agreements made, police are checking and obstructing people in the Quickborn area.

FRI 11:07 pm Metzingen
In breach of agreements made, police are checking people’s IDs and obstructing them.

FRI 10:35 pm Sotteville
50-minute logistical stop ended. Train continues towards Wendland.

FRI 9:47 pm Metzingen
Metzingen cordoned off in a wide sweep. Access currently only from the Hitzacker direction.

FRI 9:37 pm Sotteville-les-Rouen
The Castor train has reached Sotteville-les-Rouen, where locomotives will be exchanged, taking about 50 minutes.

FRI 9:08 pm Metzingen
Route B 216 closed in Metzingen because police are redirecting traffic.

FRI 9:04 pm Splietau
The trek from the Schacht Konrad nuclear waste dump, near the city of Salzgitter, comprising 40 vehicles, including 20 tractors, has arrived in Splietau.

FRI 8:58 pm Splietau
Rally programme part 5 Saturday: 3:30 pm music by Irie Révoltés, 4 pm closure.

FRI 8:53 pm Splietau
Rally programme part 3: 1:40 pm music Rainer v. Vielen, 2:10 addresses by Claas Chocholowitz, Lars-Ole Walburg, Luise Neumann-Cosel.

FRI 8:47 pm Lüneburg
Towards the end of the rally in Lüneburg the demonstration comprised 2,500 people. Very large police presence. (Report in German.)

FRI 8:42 pm Splietau
Rally programme part 1 Saturday: 11:00 am start with sound checks, 12:10 pm Lüneburger Schrotttrommler (drummers), 12:40 HAKA, 12:50 Wilhelm Wittstamm.

FRI 8:40 pm Metzingen
The blockade of route B 216 in Metzingen has been dispersed. Mood still good.

FRI 8:35 pm Neu Tramm
200 people and many tractors at the grill-off in Neu Tramm. Good mood and sausages.

FRI 8:28 pm Langendorf
The band DIREKT playing from 8 p.m. in the church in Langendorf.

FRI 8:22 pm Breese /Marsch
8 pm fundraising concert by the local Meiselgeier rock band at Schmaggel in Breese/Marsch, €3 admission.

FRI 8:21 pm Caen
Train still stopped, non-violent action by 4 activists and 150 demonstrators near the train.

FRI 8:19 pm Lüchow
350 people, holding lanterns and singing, took part in the solemn vigil.

FRI 8:15 pm Lüneburg
About 1,000 people in Lüneburg in the rally at the marketplace.

FRI 8:10 pm Metzingen / Dannenberg
Since 8 p.m. 250 people are walking in a lantern procession on route B 216 in the Lüneburg direction.

FRI 8:03 pm Caen
5 people blockaded. Police acted so brutally that two demonstrators needed treatment in hospital, one in surgery.

FRI 7:15 pm Caen
The rail blockade has been removed. The train is running again and has passed through Caen.

FRI 6:39 pm Lüneburg
Rally in Lüneburg of about 1,000 people at the railway station. Soon to move through the town towards the police station.

FRI 6:33 pm Caen
Train still stopped, 4 people chained to rails, big hanging banner saying GRENZENLOSER WIDERSTAND (Resistance Without Boundaries) in German, four people arrested.

FRI 5:55 pm Splietau
Rally programme part 4: 2:30 pm Rocko Schamoni + Bela B 2:45 Music LE FLY 3:15 addresses: - Martin Lemke - Michael Wilk

FRI 5:49 pm Splietau
Rally programme part 2: 1 pm county chairman Schulz, 1.10 pm minute’s silence, then addresses by Kerstin Rudek (leader of the Gorleben civic action group), Kumi Naidoo (executive director of Greenpeace International) and Anneliese Buntenbach (member of the national executive of the German Confederation of Trade Unions).

FRI 5.32 pm Darmstadt
The Castor train departed from La Hague at 2.30 pm. Its schedule is tighter than we calculated, so we are mobilising for tomorrow (Saturday), 5 pm, Kranichsteiner Bahnhof. Licensed warning vigil in front of the railway overpass (Jägertor-/Parkstr.) Hard to say just when the Castor train reaches Darmstadt, hence the vigil. Prepare for a longer stay (dress warm, blankets), we’ll provide music, food and drink. (Reported by atomkraftENDE.darmstadt.)

FRI 5 pm Münster
More than 300 people from Münsterland travelling Saturday to the main rally in Dannenberg. (SOFA reporting.)

FRI 4.10 pm Quickborn
People and vehicles being searched in Quickborn although free passage had been assured.
FRI 4:06 pm Caen, France
The Castor train has been stopped (report in German) by 12 people chained to the rails. Splietau camp urgently needs spoons. The People’s Kitchen urgently needs large pots with lids and thermos flasks, as well as collapsible tables, possibly donated or well labelled on loan.

FRI 3:26 pm Hitzacker
This evening RAVERPARTY with \"atomkraftwegbassen\" (“blow nuclear power away”) in CAMP Hitzacker

FRI 3:22 pm Dannenberg
7.30 pm Info gig in Schützenhaus Dannenberg.

FRI 3:18 pm Harlingen
ID’s being checked in Harlingen at the Biohofladen. Police harassing people and stopping them getting through in the Posade direction.

FRI 3:12 pm Dannenberg
Organisers still need parking attendants for the demo. Those willing and able report by 6 pm to 058618007666.

FRI 3:03 pm Neu Tramm
7 pm traditional grill-off outside the Neu Tramm barracks.

FRI 3:00 pm Hitzacker
7 pm lantern processions sets out from Camp Hitzacker.

FR 2:55 pm Essowiese
Far more than 300 buses of demonstrators have already been announced, and counting.

FR 2:47 pm Essowiese
Visitors from Stuttgart. Flügel-TV is on location and will feed images into the web under

FR 2:45 pm Lüchow
6 pm Warning vigil with Marianne Fritzen (“mother” of the Gorleben resistance), Stephan Wichert v. Holten and Martina Lammers on Lüchow marketplace.

FR 2:36 pm Lüneburg
6 pm Demo outside Lüneburg tailway station. Infos at

FR 2:24 pm Valognes BREAKING NEWS!
The Castor train departed from Valognes at 2.24 pm. We’ll meet tomorrow at noon at the biggest anti-nuclear power demo in Dannenberg/Splitau.

FR 2:33 pm Uelzen
3.30 pm Welcoming the trek World Nuclear Inheritance Braunschweig at Herzogenplatz in Uelzen.

FR 2:21 pm Metzingen
Ralley Monte Göhrde set off with 200 people from Metzingen and Köhlingen.

FR 1:53 pm Dannenberg
Weather in the county getting better all the time. Dry and c. 14 degrees.

FR 1:47 pm Gorleben
5 pm Lantern procession sets off in Gorleben at the exit towards Dannenberg.

FR 1:19 pm
Police union and taxpayer association reportedly demanded 50 million euro security fee from the nuclear companies for the Castor transportation.

FR 1:07 pm Dannenberg
Info point at Essowiese in Dannenberg now in business. Also brokers sleeping places.

FR 1.05 pm Wendland
Radio Freies Wendland will do traffic guidance from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday for the demo. Frequencies: Lüneburg: 95.5 MHz, Wendland: 89.7 MHz.

FR 12:45 pm Klein Gusborn
Farmers now allowed to set up a camp after all, construction permit just issued by the County authority.

FR 12:24 pm Bresse in der Marsch
Meiselgeier (Wendland rock cover band) playing tonight at 7 pm in Gasthof Schmaggel, Breese/Marsch.

FR 12:20 pm Wendland
People’s Kitchen Wendland says thanks for overwhelming response to call for donations and says keep it coming.

FR 10:33 am Everywhere BREAKING NEWS!
The official Castor time table appeared on Indymedia linksunten:

FR 10:32 Lüchow
School kids‘ demo numbers growing, now at 1,400 participants. Pictures.

FR 10:25 am Lüchow
School kids‘ demo has grown to 1,200 participants.

FR 10:10 am Lüchow
The school kinds‘ demo in Lüchow comprises 400-500 kids, 10 tractors, accompanied by police.

FR 10:00 am Braunschweig
30 to 40 tractors from the Asse and Konrad nuclear dumps setting off to Wendland after a rally. (Braunschweig to Dannenberg is about 123 km.)

FR 09:57 am Lüchow
400 t0 500 school kids demonstrating. Police at egg stand asking each kid why they’re buying eggs.

THU 11:03 pm Metzingen
Termin für Freitag: Rallye Monte Göhrde ab 14 Uhr. Start in Metzingen und Köhlingen!

THU 9:22 pm Wendland
Internet streaming of Radio Freies Wendland (Radio Free Wendland) now available, audible live and on

THU 9:02 pm Metzingen (Wendland)
Farm machinery display: about 350 people. Police dispersed assembly on Route B216.
On Thursday evening 4 November about 350 people gathered in Metzingen near Dannenberg for a so-called exhibition of agricultural machinery. (Pictures) After music was played live from a truck, the 350 and a few tractors blockaded route B216 for about 90 minutes. Police moved in and dispersed the blockade after some time. This action resulted in two temporary arrests and one person being injured. Subsequently the police extinguished a fire drum and secured the area for a while longer.

THU 8:51 pm Metzingen
250 people and 40 tractors at farm machinery display.

THU 7:13 pm Germersheim (south Germany)
General ban also issued against assembling along the Castor route around Wörth (“south blockade”).

THU 7:00 pm Dannenberg (Wendland)
Our gear is set up, we’re starting to ticker.
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5000 people block 2 km, 500m track destroyed

YAY!!! 07.11.2010 - 16:53 takes a break after huge successes in getting the rocks off from under the railway track on a 500 m stretch ...

Meanwhile 5000 militant protestors occupy a 2 km stretch close by the destroyed piece of track ... in the forest west of Hitzacker on the map below ...

The 10+1 cators now have a delay of about 12 hours and i have no clue how it wants to get through the last 60 kms betwwen Lünburg and Dannenberg, the final train station before the 20 km of road to the storage hall.