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On the foto: The person who put down the German Nazi flag from the Acropolis in 1941, beaten up and sprayed with tear-gas in 2010 from the Greek authorities, the servants of Deutsche Bank, Siemens and other multinational criminals.
__Friday 5th March 2010__

* Gatherings and demonstrations all around Greece against the Greek government's and EU's austerity program. In Athens more than 10.000 people in the gathering of PAME and almost the same number in the gathering of out-parliamentary organizations to express their opposition to the new slavery plans. Mr. Panagopoulos, the head of GSEE (General Confederations of Workers Greece) was attacked with yoghurt, coffee and water when he tried to make a speech among the protestors; the anger of the workers rised up and some clashes with him and his bodyguards took place. Just to remind about him, this pimp of the workers' rights, has refused during the last days to announce an official General Strike for today, day when the governors voted for the austerity program. The special pigs' units sprayed also teargas on the face of Manolis Glezos, 88 years old, when he tried to take a youngster away from the pigs' hands and avoid this arrest. Manolis Glezos took down the German Nazi flag from Acropolis in May 1941 and now in 2010 was attacked by the servants of neoliberal economical plans. After the attack against Glezos, many people moved against the pigs in front of the parliament and took away their shields, helmets and other "democratic" equipment of them. Many clashes with cops also in front of Arsakeio school and at Propylaia area. The government gave order to evacuate the Labor Ministry, where people tried to brake the front door, but the pigs deffended the building. The General State Accounting offices squatted for one more day with strong clashes in front of the building. Many banks, street cameras, luxurious cars and shopping malls also smashed down. The National Printing bulding squatted by workers of the Inland Ministry to stop the printing of the new economical laws and condemn that the government keeps also a secret agenta. In total, 5 arrests in Athens; 2 persons accused with heavy crimes and 3 with light ones.

- Video, one of the arrests:

- Fotos & Video (on the video, the time of the attack to Panagopoulos, the "syndicalist" of GSEE who is payed with 130.000 euros per year and prefers to defend the rights of industrialists instead of the workers' rights):

- Fotos Athens, Parliament:

- Fotos Athens, StE:

on 11th March, one more Panhellenic General Strike ...

__Saturday 6th March 2010__

* Motorcycle demonstration in Thessaloniki under cold and rain in solidarity with the Egyptian fishermen workers who strike for almost 9 weeks now. The protestors informed people in the streets and in the local fish market about the fishermen's strike and the fascistic attacks against them. (watch older updates)

* Demonstration in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia among the 3 days mobilization actions of the self managed park of Navarinou street which was squatted by citizens in December 2008 and is still squatted without any comercial use or involve of the government.

Video and Fotos:

* Information action in Vyronas district of Athens, where Nikolas Toddi was killed by pigs on 16th February 2010. The demonstration that took place on 27th February in the district to condemn this event was brutally beaten up by pigs and many people are accused by law for their decision not to remain silent to the state's murders. (watch older updates)

* CGT (CONFEDERACIÓN GENERAL DEL TRABAJO) in solidarity with the Strikes in Greece. As they announce, they see on the struggles in Greece an example for the movements that have to take place all around Europe and the rest of the world.

Land and water gave Georgey to Merkel...

During the press conference of Papandreou and Merkel, a question to both of them was stated by journalists about the issue of selling the islands of Greece, for the debt reduction. Merkel did not answer, but Gerogey said: "... it is not a solution to sell our islands. WE LOVE THEM and in some years even with the help of Germany may become ideal examples of green development ..." (!!!)

In short, the islands have already been sold so they can firstly be destroyed by wind factories and other renewable energy sources and later we can think again if we will sell them because after the destruction of wind factories we will not love them anymore.

It is well known that in the business of wind factories are also active German companies such as the famous Siemens.

It is also known that where the green development goes, the destruction of nature is irreversible and complete. Because the green development concerns not only the local energy needs, but transforms whole areas in factories of giant generators and distributes electric energy to enormous distances. It is also known the residents' reactions such as the recent events in many parts like the citizens' reactions in Kandanos, on Naxos island, the sabotage against already existing wind factories on Karystos island and elsewhere.

The new roads that get constructed, the tones of cement that is used, the uprooting of trees are just some small examples.

Many green companies are also subsidiaries and active in oil business, briefly they exploit resources such as water, air and sun that until now were common and free for all, so they can enslave more and more people since the occupied land and the roads for the installation of wind factories, belong to the companies after this plunder. This way, they are even depriving the people's natural shelter that was always the mountains, in periods when the repression of the dominant was growing.

Nature and life just get murdered, after the air-streets of the birds are occupied by huge wind turbines that kill them, the trees get uprooted and large areas get surrounded by fences and in reality get stolen from the local communities.

The destruction and the cost is so huge that none production and consumption of energy produced by wind turbines during a 15 years life-time can recoup them; if we will also mention the tons of networking cables, the millions tons of cement, equal to the miles of dug land for the networks (especially Greece with the mountain-ridges, use which is prohibited even in the countries where the turbines are manifactured) it is easy to realize the magnitude of a disaster of the so-called green development ... And of course, not for helping tourism that as they like to say it is Greece's heavy industry, but not even goats will be able to survive in these areas, because the nature gets destroyed and the land goes to private companies' profit interests.

We must not forget the economic disaster that is resulted for taxpayers of EU, after each such wind-pole costs about 4 million euros and is subsidized for free for more than 50% of the cost; that's the reason of the authoritans' ecological sensitivity. As for the energy production, the ideal days with 5 or 6 beaufort winds are very few in compare with no wind or gale force winds days when the function of the wind-poles is unable or even they can be destroyed.

So, after the statement of Georgey it was like signing the destruction of nature and the further enslavement and extermination of this place and its inhabitants after the new economical measures, together with the stealing of natural resources. What comes next is the modernization of the state and the growth of repression, issues about Merkel said that the German state is still willing to lend its knowledge and expertise, generously ... and ... without any will for profit.

We wait for them with our hands full.

(translation from anarchy press)
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Zu Streik der ägyptischen Fischer in Salonika

Victor Machno 07.03.2010 - 13:54

Griechenland gegen seiner Bevölkerug

gegen alle faschismus , imperialismus ,...... 07.03.2010 - 14:55
In Island haben Gestern eine Mehrheit abgestimmt gegen das verpflichten Gesetz erzwingen Zählungen an ausländische Investoren meinten aus Holland und England aber auch einiger deutschen sind dabei .
Gegenteil als Griechenland wo der Staat will keine Volksabstimmung aufrufen und nur seiner »Sparpaket«
an seiner Bevölkerung imponieren will , dieser Durchsetzung der EU das ist Deutschland an Griechenland verhängen haben ,dieser verhängen die wir nicht gesehen haben wenn sie Milliarden zur die Bänker gegeben hatten , oder dieser "Angebot" von Deutschland als Griechenland Insel verkaufen mussten , . Wir haben ähnlich "Angebot" nicht gehört als Bänker seiner Willen verkaufen mussten .

english subtitled video of 24th' general

stike 07.03.2010 - 23:44
all the slogans translated:

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