New book about 31 years Gorleben resistance

Francis Althoff u. Diet Simon 27.10.2008 18:49 Themen: Atom Militarismus Weltweit Ökologie
A new book recapping 31 years of resistance in Gorleben against nuclear waste dumping and nuclear power generally is about to be presented publicly. First presentation is at the final repository symposium on 30 October in the AVZ Logenhaus, Emser Strasse 12-13 in Berlin from 5.30 pm, then at a press conference on 1 November at 12.45 pm. And again on 7 November at 3 pm at the opening of the huts village “Free Republic of Wendland” during the Castor days near Gedelitz (Lüchow- Dannenberg).
Written by Susanne Kamien and Max Rheinländer, the book traces how the conflicts over waste disposal have changed the social structure and political orientations of the area. There are interviews with people prominent in the Gorleben resistance, a former county mayor, a plainclothes detective who turned from a Saul into a Paul, farmers who dropped their pants for a pin-up calendar to raise funds, a count and countess to whom the natural landscape was worth more than millions offered them for their burn-down forest land. Two environment minister. Funny and tragic events. Anecdotes, new and lost friendships, disappointments. There’s a contribution by the journalist Eckart Spoo who has covered the Gorleben story sympathetically for decades, there are pictures by various photographers and works by Uwe Bremer, arguably the best known artist in Lüchow-Dannenberg county and nuclear opponent from day one. Atomkraftgegner der ersten Stunde. "ÜberMacht und Phantasie", ISBN 978-3-928177-19-7, publisher i.wend Projektagentur, cost €24.90. Contact: i.wend Projektagentur, Susanne Kamien, Lange Str. 47, 29439 Lüchow, Tel. 05841-1829, e-mail: i.wend@susanne-kamien or
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