Blanket demo ban for Gorleben

Diet Simon 27.10.2008 04:39 Themen: Atom Militarismus Weltweit Ökologie
Two weeks before 11 containers of highly active nuclear waste fused in glass are due to be delivered to Gorleben, police have published in the local newspaper a general directive about time and location limits on assembly rights from 9 to 18 November in the Gorleben area.
The announcement was buried between real estate and dating advertisements and gave no reasons for the bans.

Wolfgang Ehmke of the Bürgerinitiative (BI) Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg commented: “When the Castor (waste transport) comes, democracy goes”.

Ehmke points out that Germany’s highest court, dismissing police arguments, has emphasised that even blockading actions are covered by the protection of the right to demonstrate so long as participants allow themselves to be carried off.

The organisation points out that the court still has to rule on a 2003 complaint against the blanket demo ban by police.

Wolfgang Ehmke 0170 510 56 06, Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow Dannenberg e.V. , Rosenstr. 20 29439 Lüchow ,,
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Mobilising in the run-up to Castor transport

Diet Simon (using various sources) 27.10.2008 - 05:59
On 25 October a loose grouping of anti-nuclear activists staged street theatre in Lüneburg against the imminent Castor train, which is again likely to stop for half an hour in the town. Activists said most people there didn’t know another transport was so close. Pictures at On Friday 7 November there will be a demonstration at Lüneburg railway station in memory of Sébastien Briat, a young French activist killed 7 November 2004 when run over by a Castor train. It was running too fast to stop because it was trying to make up lost time. On Saturday 8 November there will be vigil at the corner of Altenbrückertorstrasse and Willy-Brandt-Strasse within sight of the railway tracks until the Castor consignment reaches the Gorleben dump.
About 15 Lübeck young activists demonstrated in the central business district on 25 October. Most reactions were positive and some members of the public joined in spontaneously. An emergency unit of the fire brigade was called to remove nine barrels with “waste” deposited with slime round them. Pictures at, activists’ website
On 25 October an anti-Castor demonstration was held in Uelzen by about 300 people accompanied by farm tractors. Pictures at, activists’ website
23 north German groups have formed a loose alliance to resist the coming Castor consignment on the 25-kilometre railway line from Lüneburg to Dannenberg, the last leg by train. In a large joint action they plan to take possession of part of the track. An Infotour across the country ( is to explain the plan. Pictures at, activists at
Where is the Castor? X-POSTING with up to date Castor infos, also as mobile phone and RSS versions, open posting, north German info phone 0160-95 48 96 10,,
Mobilisation meeting in Rostock Wednesday 29 October 7.30 pm,
Friedrichstr.23 (Frieda).
Osnabrück mobilisation meeting 30 October, 7 pm, in the Schloß of the university, room 216.