Dikili-Camp: News from the Border

NoBorder 04.09.2008 20:14 Themen: Antirassismus
The organisers decided to make the first turkish noborder camp within the legal frame, to make it happen at all and to use it more to strengthen connections and share informations than for a lot of actions.
So the camp was installed at a campsite and there has been cooperation with local authorities of the left city government. Acording to turkish law a political event has to be "guarded" by local police or a private security service. So the days of praparation and the first day of camp were spent bargaining about the amount of money and securities to be paid. The mayor supports the camp, but uses it for his own publicity too. So far he visited the camp twice. There is also police constantly around the camp, drinking tea with the securities and making coffee in our kitchen ...

But the 150 participants from Turkey, Greece, Russia, Austria, Poland, Germany, France, ... carry on with their intense program:

Yesterday we installed an exhibition about fortress Europe in the very city center. People were quite interested in it, the read it and asked questions, some of them went to see the camp afterwards.
Tomorrow we will screen a documemtary in a town hall.

Today there is workshops, discussions and a film about the history of the noborder-movement, the organisation of the camp and the situation of refugees in Turkey.
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