Liebig14 - about to be evicted?

supportL14 28.08.2008 17:41 Themen: Freiräume
Liebig14 loses another trial +++ Judgment can be used against all other parts of the house +++ next trial on 11th of september
The legal conflict that has been going on for years between the inhabitants of the houseproject Liebigstr. 14 in friedrichshain with the owner of the house, LILA GbR, which consists of Dr Suitbert Beulker (Hermann-Scheffler-Str. 11A, Hohen Neuendorf) and Edwin Thöne seems to be moving towards a bad ending. After there was already one contract lost on the first legal level in april there was now the judgement passed for another flt in the house. The inhabitants are supposed to leave the flat by october.

Legally, the houseprojects consists of 10 different contracts, that have been canceled by Beulker several times before. There were a variety of reasons given: Spraypaintings in the staircase and on neighbouring houses(!), insults, constructural changes and up to the allegation that there were autonomous people living in the house.

At the moment there are trials going on for all the contracts. Especially the reasoning for the latest judgment is bad news. The Judge, prof dr. bach (local court Lichtenberg), was accepting as a constitutive reason for the termination of the contracts the door in the staircase of the house that seperates the living space of its inhabitants from the entrance.

[This door exists to protect the private spaces of the occupants. The judge assumes that it´s possible for the inhabitants to lock the doors to their apartments every time they go to the toilet or into the kitchen. We wonder if he does that in his house as well?]

In the judgment it is statet explicitly that this reason can be applied to the cases of all the other contracts as well, because all inhabitants of the house are responsible to the same extend.

The next judgement will be passed in 2 weeks, on the 11th of septembre. It will become clear than weather other judges (in that case: Judge Jorcke-Kaßner) will follow this line of argumentation. She can´t refer to the Bach-judgement yet however, as it is not yet legally-binding.

Whoever wants to is invited to watch this show and comment on it. The conviction will be announced at 12 am (punctually!) in room 149 (Basement) of the Local court Lichtenberg (Roedeliusplatz 1). If you don´t want to go alone, watch out for announcements.

Liebig14 forever! We all stay!
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