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There are a few news:

15 of 36 activists which were arrested inside Ungdomshuset have been charged.

The free space project "Warehouse 9" will be homeless at the end of this year.

And new actions are planned for december the 28th.
After months of investigation 15 of 36 activists arrested inside Ungdomshuset have been charged with assault or conspiring to commit assault on the police raiding the house.
Nine of the activsts have been charged with assault or aggrevated assault on the officers evicting the house on March 1st. The remaining six have only been charged with conspiring to commit assault on the police.

The standard assault charges carry a sentence of up to eight years in prison. The charges of conspiring to assault however are a novelty in Danish law, as noone has ever been convicted of it so far. A professor of law at the University of Copenhagen hass said, that it is highly doubtful whether the activists will be convicted, since it would be quite hard to prove that the persons in question had any concrete plans for using the weapons found in the house.

All the activists have been released after several months in detention, and the trial dates have not yet been made public. Meanwhile cases against other activists arrested during the rioting all through this year are continuing to be brought forward.

"Genderchaos" free space going homeless

Gender experiment free space Warehouse 9 will be homeless at the end of this year due to rent demands from Copenhagen City Council. Warehouse 9 describes itself as "...a small performance space and art gallery in the old slaughter district in Central Copenhagen.

It is a space for contemporary art, music, poetry and performance with a direct link to the international queer community. It aims to break established boundaries in the music, theatre, art and nightclub scene and create new links between genres and communities."

Since May this year WH9 has used a building owned by Copenhagen City Council as a gallery and performance space. The council however has demanded WH9 pay 400.000 kr (about 54.000 euros) for the year 2008. Despite the funding WH9 receives for different shows and performances the rent demanded is impossible to pay.

The group is surprised by the amount the council is demanding - especially considering the fact that there is no plumbing and no heating in the building, which is near condemned. "The result is a cultural cleansing of Vesterbro [quarter of Copenhagen, ed.]. In the future there will only be space for commercial culture...The creative growth base will be expunged.", the spokesperson for WH9 commented.

More info and messages of support on English language website:

New actions are beiing organized

A group of activists across Denmark have been organising for the past few months to setup a large squatting action on December 28th. No specifics have been released about the action except the date, but the activist collective say, that the purpose is to show that the fight for free spaces and against repression is not exclusive to the capitol.

The activist collective can be contacted on (public and unencrypted) email:
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