Australian coal train blocked from port

Rising Tide 19.11.2007 01:35 Themen: Globalisierung Weltweit Ökologie
The Australian grassroots climate change action group Rising Tide has blockaded a coal train on its way into the world's biggest coal export port, at Kooragang Island in Newcastle Harbour. No trains are able to enter Kooragang Coal Terminal because of the blockade.
The blockade comes just two days after the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warning that the effects of climate change will be worse than previously anticipated, and five days before the national Australian election.

Spokesperson for Rising Tide, Georgina Woods, said, "Our governments have failed us: both major parties are terminally addicted to coal. The situation is dreadful and we have been forced to take this action because the leadership of this country is morally bankrupt."

The IPCC reports that two degree Celsius warming of the globe will put about one third of species at risk of extinction. Billions of people are predicted to be at risk of water scarcity.

"There is no longer any room for vacillation: we must act, and that is what we are doing today.

"When faced with an overwhelming problem and a government unwilling or unable to take action to solve the problem, it is the duty of all citizens to take action on the community's behalf.

"There is no way Australia can continue passing the buck on climate change. We are the biggest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases and the biggest coal exporter in the world.

"Hundreds of community members have pledged to take direct action to prevent the expansion of the coal industry.

"We are taking action today on behalf of our children, and for all those species that will be pushed to the extinction by climate change.

“It is unconscionable for the government and the coal industry to continue profiting from accelerating greenhouse gas emissions in this way."

Rising Tide Newcastle is a grassroots group campaigning against the causes of human-induced climate change. We live in the largest coal port (by export volume) in the world. The coal companies want to double it.

Last Thursday 15 Greenpeace activists closed down a coal fired power station in protest against the greenhouse gas emission policies of the (conservative) Howard government and Rudd (Labor) opposition.

For further comment: Georgina Woods 0061 438 223 771 Alternative contact: (02) 49261 641.
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