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A call went out for global infopoint network. Here is report and audio files from Mataro, outside Barcelona about how we can act locally to fight globally:Mataro contra G8: reflections on the last day at the infopoint:Audio file: 40 mins, language: Spanish: OGG|MP3

Call:G8; Call for global infopoint networkIn conjunction to the alternative media material that has already started coming out of Germany about whats going on, We want to encourage the setting up of a network of nodal infopoints outside of the protest area for people in their local area to be able to go to and find out first hand whats going on.

global infopoint network : Sao Paulo Brasil | Sikasso, South Mali | Convergence Space Berlin | Mataro contra G8 | RAMPART, London | Porto Against the G8 (Portugal) | NapoliIMGP7283.JPG

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wednesday 6th - friday 8th June 2007In Matero we had 3 days of live connection with Heiligendamm, live screenings of g8-tv, films, live radio, prerecorded radio, a little kafeta/ party here on Friday 8th during which we did a 40 minute audio discussion with people present:

Mataro contra G8: reflections on the last day at the infopoint:Audio file: 40 mins, language: Spanish: OGG|MP3

3 questions1 - What are your reflections after watching films and footage from the G8? 2 - What do you think of the G8?3 - What do you do in your everyday life to change things?

audios found at Indybay Internationalprevious Indymedia Barcelona post : Mataro Contra G8 : local infopoint for alternative media 6 -8 June

Much radio was played both live and prereorded from G8 Live Radio and Flash Radio. Many programs were screened live from G8-TV and they said hi to us live on Thursdays show, which was a nice thing. We also screened some of the following: One demonstration will change the course of earths history|Protest G8 - 2007|fuck G8|stop G8|G8 cops run off.Clown Army...|Send in the Clowns (Scotland 2005-G8)|ANTI--NAZI -DEMONSTRATION|G8 -Rave against the Machine|G8 trouble in Rostock|police hunting black block|BBC - Riots break out at German rally|Carlo Giuliani|Polizist schlägt Frau (Rostock G8)|G8 Rostock - Polizei schlägt friedliche / cops punch womanand also a few other sorts: Waking life|Baraka|The Philosophers' Football Match : Monty Python|fuspey|eye of the storm : imc-argentina

Prior to the G8, a few Australians stopped off at La Fibra and did an audio interview about the G8, why they were going, their impresssions of the Barcelona/Mataro social movements and also stories from their own local resistance to the G20 in Melbourne. Audio: OGG, language: 50 minutes: ratbags enroute to g8on imc-bcn: Audio contra G8 : Mataro infopointGlobal Action Against G8-2007we are winningbook.jpg

Global Action Against G8-2007

Latin America

Brasil:Sao Paulo:1|2|3|4|5|6|Porto Alegre:1|2|Rio de Janeiro| Costa Rica: San Jose| Ecuador:Quito|Vid| Chile:Santiago:1|2|3| Venezuela:Caracas

North America

US:Milwaukee|Ashville|San Francisco:1|Vid|Houston




Australia:Melbourne New Zealand:Aotearoa:Wellington:1|2

East Asia



Austria:Vienna:1|2|3|Linz:1|2| Denmark:Copenhagen:1|2|3|4|5| Catalunya/Spain:Barcelona:1|2|Mataro Nederlands:Amsterdam| Portugal:Porto:1|2| Ireland:Dublin| Greece:Thessaloniki|Athens| UK:Norwich|London:1|2|Bristol|Edinburgh| Russia:Moscow:1|2| Ukraine:Kiev:1|2| Poland:Hel:1|2| Italy:1|2|3 Germany:Bremen|Wiesbaden|Reutlingen|Köln|Plauen|Detmold|Leipzig|Mannheim|Hamburg|Berlin|Oldenburg:1|2|Darmstadt:1|2| G8 Heiligendamm

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