G8: More than 10,000 block Heiligendamm

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As hundreds of G8 delegates arrived in Germany, mass blockades interrupted their reaching the summit's venue in Heiligendamm. Over 10,000 protesters blocked most of the routes leading to Heiligendamm, 'breaching' the no-demonstration zone around the fence. Despite the largest security operation in German history since World War II and almost unprecedented repression, protesters managed to cripple the summit on the streets of Rostock and Heiligendamm. Official G8 organisers were forced to call "Plan B", ferrying summit attendees by boat or helicopter, while many were delayed or returned.

Wednesday, 6 June

The first day of the blockades saw most of the roads leading to Heiligendamm blocked. Throughout the day, different groups set out to shut off access points to the G8 venue, using a variety of tactics, from sit-down road occupations, building barricades, to breaking through police lines to reach their blockade locations. Despite police use of water cannons, mounted police and helicopters to ferry in reinforcements, many more than expected made it through the no-protest zone to blockade right up to the G8 security fences.

In the evening, police violently dispersed one of the blockades, while others were continuing with several thousand people still on the streets. Other activists were protesting in the streets surrounding the Rostock-Laage airport, where George W. Bush was expected to arrive. Late in the evening, more than 1,000 people on three blockades decided to stay overnight.

Thursday, 7 June

On the second day of the summit (and the seventh day of protest), the two big blockades continued for the second day, while the western gate was blockaded again and cleared by police with water cannons several times. Several barricades blocked roads all over the area, making it hard, or even impossible, for delegates and journalist coaches to move in the area. Protesters also stopped and attacked a delegate's car. More than 500 people were arrested on this day alone.

Friday, 8 June

After negotiations with the police, a demonstration from the Börgerende blockade to Bad Doberan was allowed, where it met people from the eastern gate blockade. Together they travelled to Rostsock by train, then marched from the railway station to the final rally at the city harbour. In the after, between 1,000 and 1,500 people made their way in a spontaneous protest towards the detention centre in Ulmenstrasse. Around 60-70 people also blockaded a Shell petrol station in Evershagen.

Throughout the day, the use of water cannons and arrests continued. Overall, during the week of resistance in Germany, over 700 people were arrested for protesting against the G8.

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