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imc 07.06.2007 21:06 Themen: Indymedia Medien Repression
Yesterday, around 7.30 pm police confiscated the Dutch Media Bus and its equipment. The bus was parked at the info point in Bad Doberan, for which it had a permit. Fourteen police vans of ten different units were deployed to surround and occupy the bus. About 30 activists at the scene blocked the street to prevent the police from taking the bus away. After about twenty minutes of pushing and pulling to a samba soundtrack the police succeeded in forcing the driver to take the bus with them out of the city.
The bus has faced constant harassment during the past days. Yesterday it was held and searched for several hours. This practice is illegal according to the activists that had a call about it with the German Union of Journalists. Today the official reason for confiscation was the alleged presence of a pirate radio station on the bus. But contrary to the police's claims the bus is used by media activists to edit and publish their work as close as possible to the action and is not used to broadcast radio. So the protesters surrounding the bus saw in the police-action a try to undertermine uncommercial media-work an to prevent „bad news“ about their work.
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dit is er nochmal aus anderer perspektive

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