Rostock: erosion of the assembly right

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The media hype of the clashes on Saturday was successful. Currently in Rostock there is a climate, which allows the regulatory agencies to reduce the assembly right to absurdity. The highlight of today was that the organisers resolved a demonstration on the subject migration. "We were not successful in performing the demonstration on the approved route. We resolve it now, because the police and the regulatory agencies show no acceptance to let us go into the city center", the spokespersons said to the media at the edges of the event.

[How much democratic basic rights are left in Rostock?]
First of all the police argued that there were too many disguised and violent anarchists in the demonstration. This claim was not approved though and over the course of time the police said, there would be more participants to the demonstration than licensed. For security reasons the march was not allowed to go on to the inner city. For several hours there was no getting on. The police did all it could to escalate the situation. Portraits of persons were made, who participated in the clashes. The photos were distributed to officers and they tried to recognise them in the demonstration. In the meantime many troops surrounding the demonstration were disguised and observed the protesters suspiciously.
Residents however had a different impression of the demonstration and were disgusted by the police behaviour: "Why does the police not allow the people to go to the bathroom for a little while?” was the enraged comment of an 50 years old, who was observing the scene from her window. Some residents gave out water bottles to the waiting mass out of their windows. Other residents allowed the young anti-globalisation protesters to come into their flats to use their bathrooms.

The protesters were very touched by a speech of an Iraqi migrant. He reported that many of his relatives in Iraq are dead. It was disgusting that German authorities are planning to deport Iraqi refugees to their land which is lined by war, terror and occupation. The demonstration was part oft he action day migration. Many events were dealing with the question, which dramatic consequences migration would have for the concerned. Especially the G8 is one of the institutions responsible for the migration movement. Pure misery forces people to leave their homes. Many of them flee to the fortress Europe with the hope to find a better world and pay it with their lives.

This demonstration should show the Rostock people and the people in other parts of the world that the circumstances in which migrants live are precrious but the police didn’t allow that.

Consistently the organisers resolved the demonstration. A demonstration under those circumstances is not reasonable. At the edge Monty Schädel had to justify the clashes of Saturday in front of press people. He pointed out that he is distancing himself from the rioters. But he does not want to distance himself from the interventional leftists. The cooperation with such groups he described to Indymedia as perfect. The police threaten to not allow spontaneous demonstrations after the breakup of the demo. There was the fear of violence of both sides, because several water canons were stationed there. In the end the crowd could leave peacefully. Accompanied by lots of police officers there was a spontaneous demonstration, which marched by the city centre to the port. There an cultural evening was planned with a lot of events on the subject migration and G8.
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