12 arrested, criminalised in Gronau protest

Diet Simon 10.10.2004 23:32 Themen: Atom
German source at  http://de.news.yahoo.com/041010/336/48p6g.html

Organisers say 300 people demonstrated against expansion of the Gronau uranium enrichment plant on Saturday. The ddp news agency put the number at 130. Twelve people were arrested after they cut through a fence and trespassed the plant grounds, police said on Sunday. Criminal proceedings have been started against them, the police said.

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Support from Holland and Wendland

Diet Simon 11.10.2004 - 01:31
Schreiberling writes at  http://de.indymedia.org/2004/10/96144.shtml:

“The demo was called by groups from all over Germany and the Netherlands.

“Quite early in the day the first demonstrators gathered on Gronau’s Theodor-Heuss-Platz; there were info stands, music and tasty food from Rampenplan. At about 12:30 there were an estimated 200 people there.

“A group of supporters from Wendland (Gorleben) was greeted with loud applause when they arrived just before 1 p.m.

“Shortly after that speeches started at last, there was information about the dangers of the Gronau uranium enrichment plant and connected with it the uranium hexafluoride transports, supply of the plant via the rail line Coesfeld, Ahaus, Gronau, out-transport of depleted uranium via Rotterdam to Russia (Steinfurt/Borghorst, Münster, Rheine, Bad Bentheim, Hengelo).

“A few days ago a uranium transport from Lingen was involved in a collision in France.

“Information from the Netherlands, where Urenco also runs a uranium enrichment plant at Almelo, was given by a spokesman for a Dutch environment organisation. Like Gronau 30 km away the Almelo plant is also to be expanded.

“A talk was also given by a spokesman of the Gorleben resistance, because the plant in Gronau is responsible for the giant nuclear waste mountain that ultimately will be buried in Gorleben.

“The spokesman once again made clear the importance of the only German uranium enrichment plant: TURN OFF ITS TAPS!!

“Let us attack the nuclear spiral not just at the end in form of Castor transports, but let us get active, too, at the start – uranium mining and the first station in Germany, the enrichment plant.

“The military aspect of the uranium enrichment plant was made clear by a woman who spoke for the Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen abschaffen (Non-violent Action to Scrap Atomic Weapons).

“Then finally movement began to the expansion grounds of the enrichment plant.

“With many banners and flags the demo moved through inner Gronau towards the eastern industrial area where the plant is located. Many pedestrians in the town centre had apparently never seen so large a demo (for Gronau 250 to 300 demonstrators is quite a lot), but they seemed mostly positively impressed. In the residential areas people tended more to sneak a look from behind their curtains.

“Quite a large squad of police from Münster and a few caged fighting dogs on the other side of the construction fenced awaited the demonstrators.

“Inexplicably there were thick clouds of fog at the construction fence and as the author learned from the Internet, in the end there was still a small occupation of the building site.

“Let’s hope the occupying women and men came to no harm, because some of the police didn’t exactly seem to be in good moods.

“Overall the demo must be rated as a successful start to a hot autumn. Let us not allow the Gronau uranium enrichment plant to be expanded, let us disrupt the normal running of the plant, every uranium transport is one too many.

“Let us continue to prevent the Castor transports to Ahaus and let us also stand determined in the way of the Castor transports to Gorleben.

“Any additional information on the final assembly and the occupation would be welcome here.”