Protest now against uranium enrichment

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About 50 anti-nuclear initiatives, environment activists and other organisations are to start a demonstration at 11 a.m. today against the planned expansion of the uranium enrichment plant at Gronau, near the Dutch border.
The organisations are demanding that the state government of North-Rhine Westphalia turn down an application to expand the plant’s activities ands to order its closure. The Gronau plant is the only one in Germany, and one of 16 worldwide.
Thirty kilometres into Holland, at Almelo, is a similar plant, owned by the same company, Urenco (
The demonstrators oppose all civilian and military uses of atomic energy. They point out that technically “it’s only a small step” from uranium enrichment to building atom bombs.
The groups assert that Urenco plans to expand the Gronau output from 1,800 to 4,500 tonnes of uranium separation work per year. They say this is enough to supply 35 atomic power stations worldwide with fuel per year. They also claim an interim storage is planned at Gronau for 60,000 tonnes of atomic waste.

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