International legal support team

international legal support team 23.09.2004 17:08 Themen: Repression
We are there for each and every one
We are spokepeople for human-rights but first and foremost for prisoners and for those convicted. Our work is based on the international conventions on human rights in arrest and police control situations-both governed by United Nations anti-torture resolution signed by most European contries.
What is the international legal support team
First of all, the legal Team are activists, we are not there to stop or judge militant actions but to help avoid and denouce criminal police action,(misconduct). The police forces( anti-criminal, brigade,riot police, mobile police) are largely protected by law that are in favour of them and by media, the judges and attorneys general-unlike the demonstrators,the foreigners, the illegal emmigrants, the strikers, the protesters and the poor.
The international legal support team is an absolute necessity and must be developped in every European/World city, and know long before the events of September 11, the people of the Third World knew what it was like to live under a permanent state of terror.
When laws are misleading, it is everyone's duty to denouce them and to claim, to gain owership of and to lean on the European and the Universal declarations of Human Rights.
The world will be saved and better place when we no longer need the police.
you can take action now
join us International legal support team/LARC
co-ordinator Alain Charlemoine
62 Fieldgate Street
tel 0044 (0) 2073779088 email

waehrend der ESF brauchen wir noch leute wir organisieren die autonome spaces mit und machen workshop mit The Voice Refugee forum.
wir brauchen leute fuer legal team, kueche, kinder space, media, usw.
Bitte meldet Euch
Wir koennen auf Einladung euch besuchen und erlaeutert wie fonktioniert das Legal team danke
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