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from april 24 to may 23 - 2004

This year there will be an European tour against the nuclear threat.

For one month a group of europeans will travel through France to inform people about nuclear energy and its dangers and of the possibilitiesand advantages of renewable energies as well as on military use: nuclearweapons and uranium munition. This will happen by making theatre and music and showing exhibitions and videos. A project that will reach out to many people direct and indirect (through media).
This project is one of the important campaigns of the french network ³Sortir du nucléaire² for 2004. Environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, WISE and Friends Of the Earth Europe are supporting this tour.

As at the summits against WTO and globalization etc. the fight against the nuclear lobby/industry will have more chance to succeed if we work more together internationally.

The tour will begin with an artistic demonstration the weekend before Chernobyl day (april 26th).

The planned route is passing through Alsace, Lorraine, bourgogne, Rhône valley, South-west, britain and Normandie.


* France is the most important nuclear electricity producer in western Europe.
* France has the intention to construct a new type of nuclear powerplants (EPR European Pressurized Reactor). This is planned to be the start of a new generation
of nuclear plants all over Europe .
* France does not seem to invest seriously and massively in sustainable energies.
* France does not want to reduce and abolish its nuclear weapons ; and in this sense violates the Non-Proliferation Treaty.


* People from various European countries will follow a route with an itinerary that illustrates the nuclear power chain (research, enrichment, functioning plants, military sites, reprocessing, transportations, storage of radioactive waste); and of course, between nuclear sites, we will visit places of sustainable interest.
* Near the site of the day (nuclear or renewable), there will be a short theatrical and musical spectacle. The welcoming groups (local and regional) will have their own input (with a land art installation as an example) and they will inform us about what happens on the spot, as well as about their campaign-work.
* After that, we will march the last 2-3 kms into the nearest city where there will be a more extensive programme of: exhibitions, videoprojections, theater spectacles and music, in order to inform the citizens.
* During the tour, the group will work on different forms of art (banners, sketches, music etc.) that will be used in the final spectacle.
* "Federatie Kookkollektief Rampenplan" will cook biological and vegetarian meals for us.


This project needs money. Financial support is necessary. “tour DE FRANCE PSDN * account-number: 9634523 IBAN: NL61 PSTB 0009 6345 23* BIC: PSTBNL 21 Postbank NV Amsterdam / Holland ”

Participation places are unfortunately limited but we dó need support!
Do you have any ideas on artists, relevant organizations and companies who might like to support this tour, please let us know.

For information:

Elise Leijten
Postbus 95214
1090 HE Amsterdam

André Larivière
43440 Champagnac le Vieux
Tel: +33(0)4 71 76 36 40 ou 06 76 69 54 98
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