Social movements of europe meet in Paris

Mr iX / translated by concat 15.11.2003 12:58 Themen: Globalisierung Soziale Kämpfe
Translation of the german special about the Eurpeen Social Forum taking place in Paris, nov 11th 03.
About 100.000 people from all over europe are expected. Highlights are a mass demonstration on saturday, and the meeting of the social movemennt on sunday. ...
The links are to german sites still, but the google-translationtool will help for sure a little :) ...

While the social movements in europe win more and more dynamic (italy, france, germany), the second Europeen Social Forum (ESF) takes place in Paris.About 100.000 people from all over europe are expected. Highlights are a mass demonstration on saturday, and the meeting of the social movemennt on sunday. The 250 seminars, more than 250 workshops and 55 mass gatherings will happen at several different places: La Villette, Bobigny, Saint-Denis, Ivry und Saint Ouen.
The first Europeen Social Forum took place last november in Florence. 60.000 people partizipatedl - twice as much as expected. This ESF was followed by a demonstration of one million people against capitalism and war. The first ESF was marked by the war preparations and was shaped by the strong dynamics of the Italian basis movements, the repression and the unbelievable agitation of the media, which is nearly coompletely in the grip of Berlusconi
Much criticized in the apron had been the partial non-transparency and hierarchical structure of the french ESF preparation. Bigger Non-Government-Organisations (NGOs) had been prefered in relation to more radical and basis-groups. The french social movements are in opposite of the italians movements dominated by reformist and organizations, which are relatively supportive of the state. For this reason libertarian and other groups and networkd decided to carry out a selforganized libertarian social forum in Paris (Saint Ouen), which is meant as an addition and not to be understood as an parallel meeting to the ESF. A Diobedience space ( Intergalactique GLAD ) abbout the globalisation of social fights and the actions of the disobiedience. As in Florence there is again a media laboratory and a indymedia center as a gathering point for alternativve media activists and others.

Articles and reports of the ESF - Update 14.11.2003
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- Besides in Paris: Strike at the University Paris (Freitag)

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The next Woorld social Forum (WSF) takes place in January in India: Lets go to Mumbai

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