Thessaloniki 2003: Preparations before the EU Summit

No Border Beach Club 20.06.2003 10:36 Themen: EU Gipfel Thessaloniki Globalisierung
On 19 to 22 June, the bosses of European Union come together near Thessaloniki (in a hotel in the Chalkidiki peninsula, about 125km away from the city) under huge security measures, to find ways to build their Fortress-Europe. One of the most important issues to be discussed is how to deal with the immigration issue. Behind the theoretical frameworks talking about legal and illegal people and the internal security of European consumers, a paneuropean cooperation network is being developed in order to control and deal with the so- called “illegal immigration”, as well as to provide for the smooth transfer of the immigrants in the mechanisms of exploitation in ways controllable by the Authority.
The summit is also expected to focus on the advance of the institutional changes that the EU needs, and that is being processed from March 2002 by the Assembly on the Future of Europe, the conclusions of which will be presented in Thessaloniki. One more unit that will occupy the summit concerns the policy of the EU in the Western Balkans. Other subjects to be discussed include the budgets of the EU, foraign policy and defence, with particular emphasis on the points of relations with the US, the configuration of a strategic perception for the safety of EU and on weapons of mass destruction

They will find us against them in the streets!

Thousands of people from all over Greece and the rest of the Europe, for different reasons and with different objectives, have come to Thessaloniki in order to demonstrate against the Europe of exploitation and racism.
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