Pink-Silver action in the inner city of Munich during the "securi

Simschmi (english luna) 07.02.2003 23:59 Themen: Weltweit
Pink-Silver action in the inner city of Munich during the "security conference"
Pink and silver through the inner city, here a summary of the action. Unfortunately a docen was napped by the police, but the success were of the confusers.

After a little warm-up in shopping centers along the Leopoldstrasse, the formation of approx. 20 people prepared the confusion. In the subway station Marienplatz they came nearer to the Munich population - reaction was negative, they were all in a hurry. Arrived in the pedestrian precinct they got a move on. The busy Munich people were a little interested in the rehearsed choruses acompanied by a well coordinated choreography. A puppy with a big head of paper one can pull over, moved elegantly through the silver and pink people. "Is it Bush?", a passerby wondered. The sign around the neck of the construction which was nearly 4 meters high made the shoppers think: "Take olive oil." But too much confusion was prevented by flyers, so that unsuspecting Munich people take home more, than only "frippery".
Especially striking facilities of the pedastrian precincts had to get a present in form of a little dance-performance. The audience stopped shopping and watched the happening. Before the security could coordinate and drove the formation out softly or sometimes a bit more loutish, there was applause from time to time. "Cleanness, security, order...waaaaar!" Maybe one or the other understood that it was not only usual carnival without political aims in Bavaria. After short discussion they took a deep breath for the final spurt through the pedastrian precinct - the police showed up in this game too, finally. The last flyers were spread among the shoppers, then direction train-station, difficult with the puppy - the bearers had to change. After a few last coirs the scram through the busy streets should be successful. But the police was waiting and wanted to end the whole scene, after only being spectators. A part of the formation could escape, but a docen were kept and taken to the police station. Action successful, future of the captives unsure.
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Zusammenfassung des EA zum Wochenende

10.02.2003 - 07:15
Staatliche Repression bei den Protesten gegen die NATO- Sicherheit

Erklärung des Ermittlungsausschusses zur Repression gegen die Proteste anlässlich der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz am 7. und 8. Februar